Star Trek: The Next Generation Stories
In Order to Survive
Q's entertainment causes problems
for the Enterprise command crew.
Hey Santa
Guinan writes a letter to Santa Claus.
Closing the Loop
A 500 year old friendship is rekindled. 
How Guinan and Picard met for the
second time.
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She was late. Not that that was unusual in any way. The good doctor often breezed in late, having had to attend to some emergency or on her way to do so.
Winding Road (The Terra Firma Remix)
In a way Beverly felt like she had to remind Jean-Luc that she was worth remembering.  It was too easy to start taking old friends for granted and she didn’t like the feeling that she was becoming just a part of the scenery of his life. 
Jean-Luc Picard entered the lounge, and was immediately hailed by the beautiful beacon of Beverly's fiery red hair.  She smiled and waved to him, a flippant gesture that sent his head spinning despite every effort to the contrary. 
Better Left Unsaid