Indigo (PG) -- May 22, 2004
It had taken a while to get to understanding Kaylee.  Who had time to admire the little things like strawberries when most folks were barely scraping by? 

A Nice Enough Planet (PG - 13 for swearing) -- July 22, 2004
Zoe was starting to realize that there was no point whatsoever in relying on appearances.  Appearances could damn well get them all killed. 

Two By Two (PG) -- July 29, 2004
“Them that don’t want to get paid, don’t have to help,” Mal said, trying to head off the nightly barrage of complaints that had come with this job.

Darkness Underneath (PG) -- December 22, 2004
All along there had been one overriding question occupying his mind.  Why?  True he had been sidetracked for a while with learning what they had done to River, but he never strayed far from wondering why. 

Unstuck (PG) -- December 22, 2004
Simon approached her carefully, afraid of what would happen if he startled her.  She was staring so intently that Simon would almost believe that she could see the music coming through the speakers.

Swan Dive (PG) -- March 18, 2005
The voices are her, but not her.  Fragments and shards.  Pieces.

So Many Things (PG) -- October 3, 2005
(Serenity Spoilers) - The memories came and went like lightning, scorching and burning her from the inside out.

On the Sly (PG) -- February 17, 2006
Wash came up to the dining room door and was disappointed to see that the light was on.  He'd been hoping to make his smuggling run on the kitchen in private.

Between the Lines (PG) -- March 11, 2006
There were two people on his ship he never wanted to find opposite him in a fight.  Jayne was big, strong, and a dead shot, but at least Mal could outsmart him.  Zoe though?  She was right dangerous on all counts.

Straight Forward (PG) -- March 26, 2006
If she wanted to leave, more power to her.  It would make life aboard his ship a lot less complicated. (Mal/Inara)

Flat on the Floor (PG-13) -- April 12, 2006
Somehow Kaylee had to break the fear that was coursing through her, muddlin’ her thoughts and freezin’ her solid.

Vindicated (PG) -- April 19, 2006
“What the gorram hell is he doing?! Having tea!” Mal bellowed, not at all happy about being pinned down in his own cargo bay. He was getting mighty tired of getting shot at on his own ship.

Jump the Shark (PG, Meta) -- April 30, 2006
“Mal, that was eight years ago.  Things have changed.  The ratings have slipped so the producers started hounding me to add some flash.  One of them suggested this.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Bruises (PG) -- July 5, 2004
Faith rolled her shoulders, trying to get the kinks out of her neck.  She glanced in the mirror and noticed the bruise on her cheek was already fading

He Couldn't (PG) -- November 5, 2004
Angelus discovers something beautiful in Angel’s apartment, and then finds a way to twist it.

The First Step (PG) -- May 23, 2005
Giles knew there was nothing he could say that could ever take away what she’d done.  He could forgive Willow a hundred times over, but it wouldn’t matter until she could forgive herself.

Midnight in the Gardens of Good and Evil (PG-13) -- July 4, 2005
As Drusilla twirled past, she saw that Spike had set his jaw. He wasn’t going to play tonight.  Pity.  Dru wanted to play.

A Patrick Swayze Christmas (PG) -- April 12, 2005
At the sound of screaming, Xander dropped his book bag and tore down the hallway.

The Sky Is Crying (PG) -- April 12, 2005
First her Angel, her dark sire, now her pretty Spike.  Drusilla wonders what’s wrong with her.  Maybe she’s wicked and naughty and that’s why her sire and childe are both afflicted with this curse.

Of Concussions and Crumpets (PG) -- May 15, 2005
Soon he could lie down, slip into sleep or unconsciousness, and let the pain slip away. Giles hurt. Badly. But he didn’t want to admit that to Anya.

The Lone Gunmen

What Matters (PG) -- August 7, 2005
The tango was about isolation and loneliness, and Yves was tired of both of them.  Right now she just wanted closeness.  She wanted to be held.

Big Words (PG) -- December 17, 2005
“We’re going to need someone who looks the part to go in -- someone who could pass for an intellectual and an environmentalist,” Frohike said.

The X-Files

A Borrowed Heaven (PG) -- April 19, 2006
She kept dreaming that this child was hers and forgetting that she wasn’t. Not really.

Dracula (the novel)

Lady in Waiting (PG-13) -- October 19, 2005
Count Dracula hung upside down in a tree outside her window, gazing in with bat eyes at the beautiful creature asleep on the bed.  Her face was waxen, her breathing shallow, and her head still like a porcelain doll’s resting against the pillow.

Team Knight Rider

Letting Go (PG) -- July 22, 2004
The C-5 continued down the taxiway and Kyle turned off onto a different route, planning to cut it off at the last point before SkyOne would be fully on her own -- the last turn off before she reached the runway.
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