Dust Devils (Humor, PG) -- May 30, 2006
Response to a word prompt challenge -- Michael and Kitt have different perspectives on how to experience the finer details in life.

Windows Onto the World (General, PG) -- May 30, 2006
Response to a word prompt challenge -- Kitt has some thoughts about working with Michael.

Neither of Us Can See (Angst, PG) -- April 25, 2006
Response to a song title prompt challenge -- Michael thinks about the past (post-KR2000).

Shelter from the Storm (General, PG) -- April 25, 2006
Response to a song title prompt challenge -- Michael and Kitt are caught in a high desert thunderstorm.

Speed (General, PG) -- April 19, 2006
Response to a word prompt challenge -- He couldn’t go any faster. The accelerator was bottomed out and the powdery sand beneath his tires was disappearing like whitewater flowing under his prow.

Stains (Angst, PG) -- April 12, 2006
Response to a word prompt challenge -- Michael goes through some of his old things.

Dragula (General, PG) -- April 12, 2006
Response to a song title prompt challenge -- Michael wants to do a little racing.

Life of the Party (General, PG) -- October 23, 2005
Response to the Yuletide 2005 New Year's Resolutions Challenge -- Kitt's used to waiting in the parking lot, but sometimes he wishes he could go in.

Dislocated (General, PG) -- August 28, 2005
Response to Tomy's Recovery Challenge -- Bonnie isn't good at asking for help.

Firing Back (Parody, PG) -- August 21, 2005
Response to my KITT Hated Hasselhoff from the Start Challenge -- Kitt has a few things to say about the episode of True Holllywood Story.

Enough (Angst, PG) -- July 20, 2005
Response to Deona's Embrace Challenge -- Michael's thoughts on his 'family.'

Minor Damage (Angst, PG) -- July 10, 2005
Response to Tomy's Psychology Challenge -- Michael, Bonnie, and Kitt recover from a difficult case.

Sooner Rather Than Later (Romantic, PG) -- June 22, 2005
Response to Tomy's Starlit Challenge -- Michael and Stevie sneak away for some time alone together under the stars.

Grass Stains and Ripped Jeans (General, PG) -- June 20, 2005
Response to Tomy's Clothes Challenge -- Michael finds a use for the old clothes in his closet.

Holding Hands Drabbles (General, PG) -- June 6, 2005
Response for Tomy's Holding Hands Challenge -- A series of 100 word shorts based on the idea of holding hands.

Milestones (General, PG) -- May 17, 2005
Response for Deona's Devon's Birthday Challenge -- It’s Devon’s birthday and he can’t help thinking about what might have been.

Miscalculations (General, PG) -- October 25, 2004
Response for Storm in the Secret Agent Ficathon -- Bonnie gives Michael a piece of her mind after Kitt gets damaged again.

Nobody Gets Hurt (Action, PG) -- October 10, 2004
Response to Tomy's Dangerous Bargain Challenge -- When Michael gets in over his head, it's up to Kitt to try to find a way to get him out of trouble.

Intricate (General, PG) -- September 6, 2004
Response to Tomy's No Whumping Challenge -- A conversation between Devon and Bonnie.

One Upped (Humor, PG-13) -- August 11, 2004
Response to Tomy's If Looks Could Kill Challenge -- Michael's bored out of his mind in a Knight Industries mandated training course.

I, Hail (Goofy, PG) -- July 12, 2004
Response to Tomy's Hail Challenge -- Very goofy, strange little fic, barely KR.

All-Nighters (General, PG) -- July 5, 2004
Reponse to Tomy's Sunlight Challenge -- A short Bonnie POV.

The Ends and The Means (Angst, PG) -- July 4, 2004
Response to Tomy's Moonlight Challenge -- Michael and Kitt have a conversation after Knight In Disgrace.

The Right Guy (General, PG) -- June 15, 2004
Response to the Unrequited Love Challenge in the multifandom1000 LJ community -- Kitt ponders his partner's romantic endeavors.

Ifs, Ands, and Buts (Angst, PG-13) -- April 20, 2003
Response to Janeway's Partnership Challenge -- Kitt lives in a world where Michael was never his partner.

The Face of Bitterness (Angst, PG-13)  -- April 15, 2003
Response to Janeway's Partnership Challenge -- Kitt comes across the man who could have been his partner.

The Birthday Gift (General, PG) -- August 27, 2002
Response to Soul Sista's Kitt's Birthday Challenge -- Bonnie and Kitt contemplate his birthday.

Ragged (Humor, PG) --  June 2, 2002
Response to Knightimmortal's Make Maddock Suffer Challenge -- Someone's targeting Maddock.  Are they up to no good?

The Application (General, PG) -- September 9, 2001
Response to Sad Article's Bonnie's Departure Challenge -- How did Bonnie make up her mind to leave the Foundation?

Knight In Disgrace (Angst, PG) -- August 11, 2001
Response to Behemoth's Kitt's POV Challenge -- The scene where Michael steals Kitt from Kitt's POV.

The Fire (Angst, PG) -- June 3, 2001
Reponse to my Bonnie's Death Scene Challenge -- Michael tries to save Bonnie after a fire breaks out in the Foundation's labs.
Knightshade's Challenge Responses
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