"Bonnie, they aren't trying to shut down FLAG again, are they?"  Kitt asked.

"No, not exactly.  Devon got a heads up call yesterday.  Certain members of the board are trying to have him replaced."
Michael slowly reached down to retrieve the flashlight that was lying on the floor.  He swung the beam in a slow, wide arc, getting his first look at the German shepherd mix that was standing in the middle of the aisle, near an open cage door.  Its teeth were bared, its ears were back, and it was crouched low to the ground.

The music ended and Bonnie's dance partner took his leave. She tried to memorize his eyes.  She wanted to figure out who he was later.

A Knight's Ransom
A Knight's Ransom Series
Sheltered Knight
And if you wonder
What I am doing
As I am heading
For the sink
I am spitting out all the bitterness
Along with half of my last drink.

- Suzanne Vega
A chill raced up and down Michael's spine.   According to Kitt, there was no one around.  He had to believe that, but he definitely had the creeps.

"Well, it appears that our saboteur would like to make friends," Devon said dryly.

"Funny, but I don't feel like playing nice," Michael replied.

Shelved for the time being
Stand Alone Stories
After Images
Michael stopped cold.  There was something right in front of him  inches from his face.  It was dark. In fact, the only reason he could see it was that there was no light reflecting off of it at all.  The small amount of light from his lantern sank into it completely.
The high overhead fluorescents cackled to life and Michael blinked in surprise.  In front of him sat his beloved partner of 5 years, looking pristine and beautiful, except that he was purple. 
Short Stories
Black Mangroves
Racing Stripe
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He remembered returning to the Foundation, late at night after most everyone had left.  He wasn't actively scanning, so he didn't even realize there was a problem.  He was surprised that the garage was dark though.  Normally Michael would be there, waiting for him to arrive home.  
Inevitable Silence
She was in the most mundane of places when the link finally went silent.  It was almost an after thought, an inevitable footnote to the whole experience.

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Swapping Stories
Devon smiled, thinking that Kitt had become so much more than a project to be finished.  "Because I realized that you and I don't talk enough."

"I see.  And how much would be enough?" Kitt responded, much to Devon's amusement.
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Boring Car Chases
Michael glanced down at his watch.  Damn.  It was later than he thought.  They didn't have much time and he wasn't about to get blamed for blowing the schedule.
Now Published in the Fanzine Everybody Dies
Soap-Sud Tears
"Kitt, you didn't fail, and there is no way on this earth I would want you deactivated.  It was an accident.  They happen.  It wasn't either of our faults."
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Wild Oats
Glancing around the room, Michael spotted a beautiful blonde woman, heading his direction.  She was wearing a short, loose skirt that swung with the movement of her hips, and showed off a very nice pair of legs. 
What happened to a dream when one hired mercenaries to keep it alive?
Trying to Hold Ground
A Knight's Carol
Shaking his head, Michael opened the door to leave.  "If I'm not back by Friday, Merry Christmas," he said softly.

Devon ignored him, feigning distraction until he finally left.

"Humbug," he muttered under his breath.

He had no idea where he was.  But there was definitely something across his eyes, some sort of blindfold keeping them shut.
Sand Castles
They had always flirted after a fashion, but something had definitely changed and it confused him.  Maybe he had just been conditioned to ignore his attraction to her after all those early shoot-downs and death glares.  But he wasn’t getting glares now.
Passenger Seat
You steal a glance at the woman in the passenger seat and your heart breaks all over again.  It's not that she looks like Stevie -- she doesn't -- but there's something in her voice, in the way she talks that's like salt in your wounds.
Cooled To Warm
There were so many things Michael wanted to ask her, but he didn't know how.

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Primary Colors
What color fits a person best?  A series of 15 stories, 5 each about Devon, Bonnie, and Michael all revolving around a color theme. 
A Start
It hurt so much that he couldn’t even think, couldn’t tear his mind away from the fact that he’d lost her again just when he thought he might get her back. 
Dangerous Things
He wanted to pretend there weren’t a thousand emotions beating through his heart right now, but he just couldn’t fool himself.
Becker was what Michael might be like if he’d grown up wealthy.  And he wasn’t even bothered by all that, really.  But Becker had managed to snag something that Michael had always wanted. 

Did they think she couldn’t handle it?  That she was some delicate wallflower who needed protecting?  She could work through a little pain.
Blood Roses
A Life to Call Home
It was funny the twists and turns his life sometimes took. (M/B)