Tomy has been posting Knight Rider stories since 2000 and currently has about 25 stories to her name.  She writes general, het, and slash stories of various lengths.  You can find her work at KnightFic.
1. Tomy, tell us a little about yourself. What do you do when you aren't writing Knight Rider fanfic?

I teach people how to ride and train horses for a living. Not an overly exciting life, most of my students compete Provincially (and do well, I might add ;-)) It keeps me busy 7 days a week.

2. What first got you interesting in writing fanfic?

I guess I began writing fanfic as a preteen - though didn't realise it was called fanfic. I was watching a show I loved and began writing scenarios around it and the characters (those fics are buried and shall never see the light of day again ;P). When I first began surfing the net seriously (shortly after we bought this farm), I found a number of websites dealing with Knight Rider and eventually began reading KR fanfic. It wasn't long after that, that I began writing again. It's been just over two years now that I've been active in the KR fandom.

3. What about Knight Rider really captured your attention?

Michael and Kitt's symbiotic partnership. Riding horses to International levels, you need to have that kind of love, trust and respect between you and your horse. Just like Michael and Kitt - My horse and I can argue over things, but in the end, we resolve them. Some people call it training (or
programming in Kitt's case), but I always felt - and still do - that it has more to do with understanding expectations and respecting one another's wishes/wants/needs.

4. What, to you, is the hardest part of writing a fanfic?

Depends on the story. One fic I may find the plot difficult, another, I may find the characterizations difficult; I've had problems ending a fic before.  It's never been consistent.

5. What's the most rewarding part of writing fanfic (you knew that was coming ;-) )?

Feedback! - No, I'm kidding. Finishing a fic. Odd as that may sound, having a fic completed and overruling my nerves and posting it - that's the most satisfying aspect. Rewarding - I'd say having one person react to something in the fic. Be it my beta readers, or someone new - that doesn't matter. Just to know I've touched someone in some manner.

6. What has influenced you the most in your writing, aside from the basic KR source material?

That's a toss up. The ideals Knight Rider instilled run deep within me. So that, plus elfin going out of her way to help me whenever I needed it. She didn't have to teach me the fanfic ropes, but she did, and it means a great deal to me.

7. Is there any one KR character who you really relate to? How does that effect your writing?

Not one - per say. The partnership I can easily relate to. Having to live and work with an individual who didn't chose to be there to start with; having and wanting to make it work. I try to write Michael and Kitt's relationship remembering all the trials and tribulations I've undergone with my equine partners. No, they can't talk, but they sure know how to speak volumes.

8. You've done several collaborations and cowrites. What's it like working with someone else on a story? How is it different, for better or worse than writing solo?

It's exhilarating! I can't say that it's any better or worse than writing solo. elfin and I have cranked out a story in under 20 minutes, other times we've haggled over a scene for days. It is easier in some ways. So far, with elfin, if one of us gets stuck, or is unsure of how things should proceed, the other just picks it up and continues the scene/section. Takes a lot of pressure off.

9. You also do a lot of beta reading. Do you find that influences your own stories? Do you find it easier or harder than writing your own stories?

I guess it does influence my writing. Not the plot lines, but I want to bring my fics up to the best level I can possibly write at. Dealing with a great number of people, as I do, each having a strong point to their writing, which I aspire to reach.

10. You're a part of a cadre of KR slash writers. Aside from the obvious, is writing slash any different that general fic? Is it more difficult, or easier?

It was difficult to start with, I was a tad unsure about the subject matter ;) Plus I refused to write strictly PWPs. I wanted plot and I wanted romance. Now it's easy. elfin guided me, added scenes where needed until I figured out how to write it and enjoy it. Now it's fun.

11. Is there a certain set-up in your writing space that gets you in the mood to write? Pictures? Music? That kind of thing?

Music. Always music. I have to have a certain tone of music playing while writing a fic. For example, while writing Homecoming, I had The Cure playing non-stop.

12. How do you approach writing a long story? Do you outline? Let it come to you as you write? How much do you plan out a story?

ROTFLMAO! Me? Plan?! I don't know the meaning of the word. ;) Actually, I dream most of my fics. I dream a scene or two and write it. How ever long it takes me to 'dream up' a fic is how I write it. It's usually horribly out of order. The first scene for Homecoming that I wrote was the scene where Tanya
shows up on the beach.

13. One unique thing about KR was the fact that they were always traveling to different locales. This provides a certain freedom to fic writers to explore. How do you choose your settings?

I've never considered it actually. Only in A Knight's Performance - where I wanted them to come up to Ontario, Canada - did I even think of location.

14. You've written in other fandoms as well. How is writing in KR different than the other fandoms you've worked in?

Writing KR is very difficult. The other fandoms are very open and expressive. The Buffy fandom even has people issuing 'challenges' - basically people writing into the lists saying what they would want to read and other people grab the idea and write something of the sort. Knight Rider is a very quiet community in that regard. Not much feedback leaves us writers guessing what people want to read. Most of the fics that I considered really good have gone unnoticed, while others that I didn't really think about received oodles of attention. C'est le guerre. *shrug*

15. Any grammar rules that give you fits?

Past and passed. And I wholly place that fault on elfin! I never had that problem before I met her.

16. As a beta reader, are there any grammar rules that tend to give everyone else fits?

Commas - no one knows how to use commas!

17. Have you ever had writers block or written yourself into a corner? If so, how do you work it out?

I have, many a time. Usually by talking it out with someone - one of my betas preferably - bouncing ideas back and forth typically takes care of the problem. If not, I drown myself in episodes of the show until the muse wakes up again.

18. Which of your own stories is your favorite, if you have one?

A Knight's Performance is my baby. Anyone who knows me, knows why. ::cheeky grin::

19. Is feedback important to you?

It's mighty nice, but it's not the be all, and end all of fanficdom.

20. Do you have any suggestions for new writers in the fandom?

Work with a beta reader you trust. The more *honest* input you get while writing, the better your fic will be. Be willing to learn and POST! You'll never know until you publish it for others to read.